Space Adventures for Kids

Philip Threadneedle has written two space adventure stories that will delight budding young astronauts.  Both are available to buy online.

The books feature a normal earth boy, Bradley, who joins his long lost alien Grandpa for a tour of space. On their adventures, they discover the pyramids of Mars, the boutiques of the Asteroid Belt, and an underground jungle full of giant blue bananas. As well as sightseeing, they face pirates, piranhas, and the unstoppable Black Baron, who is determined to find the lost treasure of Pluto before they do.

These books are suitable for ages 9 and up.  As a writer, Philip was influenced by space fantasy classics like Doctor Dolittle in the Moon and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.  If you want to learn more about his books, you can click on the covers (left) to read about The Astronaut’s Apprentice (which we published in 2010) and its brilliant sequel City of Meteors.

We had a lot of fun bringing these books to market, and hope your children have half as much fun reading them!

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