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So far, our best-selling title is The Astronaut’s Apprentice by Philip Threadneedle. There are two sequels available through various outlets, and we’re pleased to report that the fourth title – which concludes the series – will come out in 2016 (date to be announced soon!).

We’re really proud that multiple schools have used The Astronaut’s Apprentice as a class text, and it turns out Philip has a load of letters and drawings that schoolchildren have sent to him. He recently let us take a look at it, and we wanted to share some reader comments from a school “across the pond”, in the US. All of the following are 100% genuine, and each quote is from a different child.

“I loved your book The Astronaut’s Apprentice. I loved how Bradley was adventurous and brave. I was frightened at first that the pirates had heads like sharks… I loved your book so much that I hope you come up with other great ones.”

“I would totally recommend The Astronaut’s Apprentice.”

“I loved the part in the book when… Bradley gets the pirate’s necklace and pushes him into space.”

“I really like your book. My favorite part was when Bradley’s pants almost fell off.”

“I liked the Astronaut’s Apprentice so much.”

“The book was great. My favorite part was when the pirates attacked the spaceship… one more thing that was funny was when the hatch was open and Bradley’s pajama pants were falling off.”

“I liked your book The Astronaut’s Apprentice. It was very funny.”

“I like your book. It really inspired me. You are really creative and you’re so good at this you are gonna be so famous… you are awesome.”

“I really liked The Astronaut’s Apprentice… some parts were really funny like his grandma was crazy… you are a great author.”

“I really truly loved your book.”

“I love your book so much… you are one of the first authors I like.”

“I loved the book it was so cool. I liked the part when he came to space in his PJs, it was funny.”

“You write incredible books. I was very excited for the end… it also got me sad… but it is OK because I am going to try to find your next book. Your book was great. Thank you very much for writing The Astronaut’s Apprentice.”

The target audience matters most, but we’re pleased to report that adults, too, have enjoyed this romp across the Solar System. When the book first came out, review site The Bookbag wrote “it’s laugh-out-loud funny in places. There’s more tension that Star Trek in others… the characters really come off the page and work their way under your skin.”  You can read the full four star review here.