We’ve been working on a new website which went live today, and we hope that you find it as stylish as we do! Check out falconberger.com to see the new design. We’ll soon be redirecting the old site to that one, and also (when we get chance) changing the layout and design of this WordPress blog to give us a more coherent web presence.

In other news, at the request of the author, we’ve made some very light changes to the text of The Astronaut’s Apprentice. Think of it as a sort of “1.5th Edition”. We’re hoping to get book three of that series to market in late August 2013.

On a similar note, I know that Harry Ladd has also been busy writing his sequel to The Trumblebuggins, but that will take longer to publish as it needs to be illustrated throughout.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re all well!