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We’ve just realised that, due to an embarrassing admin error at Falcon Berger Towers, some copies of City of Meteors have been sold without the last minute corrections that were made during proof-reading.

The affected copies contain a small number of typos, and are missing a couple of last minute tweaks that the author wanted to make to the dialogue.

A surprising number of novels make it to press with errors (including books by big name authors!), but we’re obviously still annoyed with ourselves. Luckily, our books are print-on-demand titles, so it’s not like we printed hundreds of copies with the mistakes! City of Meteors is currently unavailable while we correct the errors and send new files to the printer.

If you want to check yours, have a look at page 161. Among other things, the affected copies have she goaned in annoyance rather than she groaned.

We strongly recommend you hold onto these copies, as they may be worth something one day!

Also, rest assured we will triple check book three in the series – which is called The Richest Man on Mars – before it goes to press later this year.