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It’s been a slow month for the project, but we’re excited to see that our journal of quotes and images has gone public, courtesy of Diary.com.

Diary.com was originally a web app to track your things-to-do lists, but they’re currently relaunching themselves as a (to be honest more exciting) space to journal thoughts and images.  You can upload your own text and pics (and add Instagram-style vintage filters) or “curate” images that you find and like online.  Your growing diary is then presented like a sort of online scrapbook, with older items flying into view as you scroll down the page.


The feature to publish and share your journal has only just gone live, but in anticipation of this, I’ve been beavering away in private, updating a diary relating to Falcon Berger books and children’s books in general.  I hope you’ll get chance to visit it and see what I’ve collected.  You can also explore some of the other public diaries right here, and sign up to have your own.

It’s early days for the site – in fact, you might still be able to baggsy your first name as a vanity url – but the developers are currently working on new social features, so members will soon be able to follow each other’s diaries and like individual items.

I enjoy Diary.com and hope it goes the distance.  It’s not often I find a social app that does something new for me, but as far as sharing goes, I think this occupies a nice middle ground between Tweets and full blog posts.  It’s concise, but also very visual. It has elements of microblogging – I’ve collected a lot of quotes that I like – and scrapbooking too.

So, that’s Diary.com.  Have a look!