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What a nice week it’s been! Despite the lousy weather, the UK was in a jubilant mood for the Diamond Jubilee, with Union Flags all over the place. My personal highlight was seeing Madness perform their best known song, “Our House”, on the roof of Buckingham Palace – which (thanks to an extraordinary light show) was transformed from a stately residence into a row of lively animated houses.

Even nicer than the Jubilee, however, was seeing our books in the children’s literature tent at the Wychwood festival, courtesy of our brilliant friends at Waterstones (thanks all). We’re getting pretty good at doing the promotional materials, as you can see from the following pics.

You can see the giant Trumblebuggins cover peeping out in the background, as well as our A5 fliers (I bought A5 paper this time!) and the legendary free Falcon Berger bookmarks.

It’s a bit humbling to see our titles in such illustrious company.

The Waterstones staff brought an enormous polystyrene “W” for all the authors to sign, and I’m delighted to say that the signatures of Harry Ladd and Philip Threadneedle are on there, mere inches from that of literary legend Philip Ardagh. I’m informed that the giant W is to be raffled for a good cause.

Harry also did a reading, which went down very well, and then got the children – who were very imaginative! – brainstorming ideas for a brand new story. Philip was taking notes throughout, and the resulting story – which will feature a two-headed alien (!) causing havoc at school – will be posted online for everyone to enjoy.

Well, that’s all for now. After an exciting week, it’s back to normal tomorrow. Boooo! Here’s hoping the rest of 2012 is as fun.