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Seven days ago, Philip Threadneedle and Harry Ladd did their joint signing at a local Waterstones.  This is just a quick blog to let everyone know how it went.

The setting looked fantastic, thanks largely to the staff for making such good use of our promotional materials, and also to the Falcon Berger elves for making said materials.  We had books on display, free bookmarks, children’s activity sheets – which were variously filled in and/or scribbled over – and an overflowing bowl of free sweeties.  We also had a whole family of posters and fliers in the odd-numbered “A” series of paper sizes.  Framed book covers, which were A1; glossy posters on the wall, which were A3; and two piles of A5 fliers.  Tragically, due to a last minute shopping list malfunction, the Falcon Berger elves had to make the A5 paper themselves, by guillotining spare A4 in half.  I like to think the slightly irregular shapes and sizes gave the handouts a homemade “indie” feel (note to self: buy A5 paper).

The Trumblebuggins sold very well (in fact, I think they sold out).  The Astronaut’s Apprentice also did very well, with just a few left in store as signed copies.  It was definitely exciting to see casual browsers stopping to look at our stock, and we got some great responses from the younger customers.  The staff at Waterstones recognised that the event had gone very well, and invited both authors to do a similar “double bill” in the children’s literature tent at a local festival!

Image of The Astronaut's Apprentice with a "signed by the author" sticker

The famous round black sticker!

Not surprisingly, this weekend is shaping up to be a much quieter affair.  I think I’ll just potter around Falcon Berger towers, picking guillotine trimmings off the carpet.  In my next blog post, I hope to return to my neglected series on children’s books about witches.  Until then, have fun!