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For the benefit of overseas readers, Waterstones is the major book vendor on the UK high street, with almost 300 shops across the country.  As of yesterday, one of them is stocking and selling all three of our titles.  Not only that, but instead of burying them on the shelves, they’ve got them out on display.  They’re even hosting Philip Threadneedle and Harry Ladd for a “double header” signing on 12 May.

Picture of promotional materials in Waterstones


As a tiny imprint with only three titles, this is a pretty big deal for us.  Admittedly, it’s a single Cotswold branch rather than the whole fleet, but it’s a foot in the door, and hopefully we can persuade other local branches to take us on in future.  Here’s a shot of all three titles in a cardboard book stand:

Three Falcon Berger titles on display in Waterstones


One day, when we have a few more titles, we would like to “professionalise” our supply chain and market/distribute our books nationally like any other publisher.  Until then, opportunities to partner with individual bookshops are extremely exciting.  Watch this space for more news!