Welcome to my blog.  My hobby (some would say folly!) is to publish children’s books, purely for fun.  I do this in collaboration with like-minded individuals.

This is my blog.  It will contain posts about my micropublishing antics (especially when I have something to say about the process of publishing on a small scale) and also my thoughts on all kinds of children’s books.  And rants.  There’ll be rants about things that bug me.  If you want a quick overview of the project, then please see the Falcon Berger homepage.

I won’t pretend this is my first attempt at a blog.  I’ve had a few before, but all were abortive.  I think I’ve learned two key lessons that will help me sustain this one.

Lesson one is pace.  Previously, I was a furious and insatiable blogger, smashing out one huge post a day until I crashed and burned with blog fatigue.  When I reached that point, I would delete the whole thing.  I’m going to aim to update this blog at a more leisurely rate.  When I do have a flurry of writing, then unless it’s about something very current, I will schedule the posts to appear over time, rather than setting a precedent of daily updates that I can’t sustain.

Lesson two is humility.  A blog doesn’t have to consist of inspirational, impeccably edited essays.  It can have a note of spontaneity about it.  I’m not saying I’ll post rubbish, but neither will I try to be Noam Chomsky.

Anyway, that’s all for my inaugural post.  I’ll soon write my first proper one, then settle into a rhythm.  I hope you enjoy it!